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Your dog's issues are a cry for help.

Transform your dog's suffering to go from Canine Chaos to Control.

"With this training I've seen an amazing transformation! I'm learning so much about leadership and I see the potential my dog has.  I highly recommend Donna Reichl's Best Dog For Life Training Program!" -Lorrie Suffi. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Like most pet parents, you thought your dog would be the perfect addition to your family - but now it's ruining your life.

  • Can you enjoy your time at home without constant jumping and barking?
  • Can you walk your dog in your neighborhood without being dragged on leash? 
  • Can you take your dog out in public without causing an embarrassing scene?
  • Can you unclip your dog's leash and trust it won't run away? 
  • Do your friends and family dread visiting your home due to your dog's behavior?
  • Does your dog suffer from serious emotional issues like anxiety?

Flip the switch from Canine Chaos to Control.

Did you know there is a RIGHT way and many WRONG ways to:

  • Walk your dog...
  • Pet your dog...
  • Feed your dog...
  • Speak to your dog...
  • Reward your dog...
  • Discipline your dog?

Your dog is counting on YOU to solve its issues.  My training will show you simple steps that will make a world of difference.

"I highly recommend Best Dog For Life.  We adopted an 11 month old Giant Schauzer and we were his 4th home.  He began exhibiting signs of being skittish, growling and aggression from time to time. We had no idea what to do. That's when we signed up for Best Dog For Life.

Donna's training was incredible. Not only is Spartacus calmer because he trusts us and knows we're in charge, but is also able to be off leash with no fear on our part of him running away.  Spartacus has come a long way and is now a very good boy, thanks to Best Dog For Life.  Thank you!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lizz Reigle.

By tapping into your dog's true nature, you can quickly solve its issues.

I'm Donna Reichl.

I've been called a Dog Whisperer and Dog Magician.  The truth is that I have a gift to understand the true nature of a dog, and how to tap into its natural instincts to bring out the best in each dog.  

My Best Dog For Life  Training System  has transformed the lives of countless pet parents.

I can help you too.

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